Stay Away From Negative Energy with THIS All Natural Remedy

This week, Jhene Aiko stopped by the Breakfast Club to promote her newest single, Maniac. Even if you vaguely follow Jhene, you know she’s a self-pronounced, hippie.  She’s always putting us on to health and wellness tips – and this promotional trip was no different!

Aside from being vegan (big ups to you, Jhene… I love me a burger), everyday she walks into a spray that is meant to keep away negative energies.   We could all use a lil some of that!

In the interview, Jhene mentions a spray from the brand Shamanessence.  This brand creates all-natural formulas to relieve stress in a non-toxic way. The specific “vibrational healing spray” that Jhene refers to, “Joy,” includes sandalwood and geranium for spiritual uplifting and connectedness.

“Joy” ain’t cheap, though – one ounce will cost you $9.  Don’t fret.  I’ve found natural products to be well worth the extra dollars. Avoid the risk of unnecessary toxins!

Watch the full interview below.

Also, watch the visuals to Jhene’s new track Maniac. 

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