Stay Away From Negative Energy with THIS All Natural Remedy

This week, Jhene Aiko stopped by the Breakfast Club to promote her newest single,¬†Maniac.¬†Even if you vaguely follow¬†Jhene, you know she’s a self-pronounced, hippie. ¬†She’s always putting us on to health and wellness tips – and this promotional trip was no different!

Aside from being vegan (big ups to you, Jhene… I love me a burger), everyday she walks into a spray that is meant to keep away negative energies. ¬†¬†We could all use a lil some of that!

In the interview, Jhene mentions a spray from the brand¬†Shamanessence. ¬†This brand creates all-natural formulas to relieve stress in a non-toxic way. The specific “vibrational healing spray” that Jhene refers to, “Joy,” includes sandalwood and geranium for spiritual uplifting and connectedness.

“Joy” ain’t cheap, though – one ounce will cost you $9. ¬†Don’t fret. ¬†I’ve found natural products to be well worth the extra dollars. Avoid the risk of unnecessary toxins!

Watch the full interview below.

Also, watch the visuals to¬†Jhene’s new track¬†Maniac.¬†

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