We’ve Protested, We’ve Marched, Now Here’s How To Stay Strategically & Actively Involved

The Women’s Marches that took place all over the world on January 21st were empowering.  Women, men and children everywhere who took issue with President Trump’s platform came together to express their grievances.

While the emotional high of the inauguration brought so many people (over 5 million people worldwide) together for the resistance, fighting back does not and should not stop on January 22nd.

Now it’s time to take strategic action to change the policies that President Trump’s administration is actively working to implement.

The same women that organized this weekend’s Women’s March on Washington are launching a campaign entitled 10 Actions for the First 100 Days.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 8.39.40 AM.png

Every ten days, the campaign compels the American people to take action on an issue we care about. It doesn’t have to be women’s rights, or LGBT advancement, or immigration – it’s whatever you care about that the Trump administration is failing to acknowledge or improve.  Finding that issue shouldn’t be too hard, btw.

The first action is to write a postcard to your Senators about what matters most to you.  The campaign is making it easy by providing postcards for you to print and send. The campaign site provides inspiration for what to write on the post card, and even provides a resource to find the address for your Senator.  It’s dummy-proof, there’s no excuse not to take action!


Visit the 10 Actions/100 Days site to send your postcard and subscribe at the bottom of the page to receive an alert when the next action is posted.

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