In Case You Missed It: Top 5 with DENIS BOATENG 🖐🏿

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In case you need a break from all of the great music that was released this weekend, here’s a podcast that’s for the culture. 

Put simply, Top 5 with Denis Boateng is a platform to connect with dope people doing dope things.   On the Top 5 podcast, Denis talks about everything from sports to hip-hop to entertainment and culture.  Whether you’re on your way to work or chillin at home, this podcast is a great way to hear about what’s going on today’s culture.

In episode 12, Who is Denis Boateng, Denis describes his life growing up in Naples, Italy  and later moving to the States.  This episode offers insight into who Denis is, how he got to where he is, and why he’s inspired to go where he’s going.

If you’re new to the Top 5 podcast, this is the perfect episode to start.  Hearing Denis’ experiences as a West African, black kid in Italy, and then in the United States, is a foreground to understanding his viewpoints in earlier episodes.

Denis, the world citizen.

Give the episode a listen, and stay tuned for Episode 13!

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