WATCH: Odo, “Love” Translated.

Top 5 Podcast creator and visionary, Denis Boateng, teamed up with photographers and directors alike to deliver an ode to his love, or his odo in native Twi Ghanian tongue.

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This Poem I wrote was something I put together for my love (Odo) @bibbydc . I want to thank my fam in Minnesota and everyone else for collaborating and bringing it to life as a visual. Directors – Kwame Agyei –  Jonny Stuckmayer @agyeiphotography Director of Photography – Jonny Stuckmayer – Gaffer – Alex Stevens – @alexanderrickstevens HMU – Kendall Zimmerman – @elegant_warpaint Editor – Lauren Josephine – @laurenjosephine Model – Ellie Drapp – @forget_ellie Model – Seth Aryee – @sethnocentric Poem and Narration – Denis Boateng – @denis_boateng ****************************************************** #art #poetry #poetrycommunity #poems #poem #valentines #valentineday #instavideo #video #videoporn #4k #cinema #people #love #fashion #fashionblogger #lighting

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The video provides sensual and poetic lyrics, written and narrated by Denis, as a special Valentine’s Day feature.  Ladies… the standard has been set! If your man doesn’t release an entire artistic installment for Valentine’s Day or your birthday, he’s not doing it right!

All jokes aside, this video just further goes to illustrate Denis’ out-the-box thought process. Rather than tell you what he’s passionate about, he’ll show you – in the form of artistic expression and determined marketing.

Give the full video a peek and visit lead director, Kwame Agyei Jr.’s website for more great work!

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