LISTEN: New Track City Deliver Funky, Upbeat Track Entitled “And They Say”


Hip-hop and jazz trio, New Track City, just dropped their newest track entitled And They Say.

The group is originally from Seattle, Washington and has been making music together for over 13 years.  Passionate about fusing multiple sounds to form an authentic vibe, And They Say is the perfect sample of what jazz and hip-hop should sound like together.

I’ll be honest, this track wasn’t at all what I was expecting from a trio self-labeled as hip-hop and jazz – but was exactly what I’d hope it wouldn’t be.  Rather than simple rhymes over saxophone melodies, New Track City offers a complex sound that’s so interesting you can’t stop listening.

Take my word for it.

Look out for New Track City’s upcoming EP this spring, but in the meantime follow them on Soundcloud for more great music.

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