Featured: Quickie with Full Clip Global

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The Brand

Full Clip Global, founded by Chris Peeples.

The Hometown

Atlanta, GA. Global.

The Start of Full Clip

I started with the concept of Full Clip about three years ago.  At that time, I worked with somebody else on their brand called Brinkleberg – we made a t-shirt and I sold it under Full Clip as well. That was in 2014. I didn’t get serious with the brand until 2016.

I’ve always been making shirts, but as far as committing myself to Full Clip as a business, it’s pretty new.  I was pretty busy with school – I studied Economics and Marketing.  Now, I have a better vision of what I want Full Clip to be.

The Vision

I’ve always liked streetwear but I don’t want to label Full Clip as just a streetwear brand. It’s definitely not high fashion but to just call it streetwear wouldn’t be doing it justice. It’s just a starting point.

I remember when I was like 15, early high school, and I’d rock the old 10 Deep stuff before everyone else got hip to these streetwear brands.  I loved Akademiks in ’06 or ’07 with the bright, colorful hoodies!  That was when I first started exploring different styles and when I realized I had good taste in what I wore.  Because of that,  I definitely think I could add something.

When I think of streetwear I think of things that are loud – the graphics, the marketing, and the vision behind it. I like those things, but I also like other styles.  Pushing that into the brand, I want to release clothing that’s different from what’s out now.   I want to get past just hoodies and t-shirts, and branch out to reach a wider audience than what streetwear is limited to. It takes time to do that, so right now I guess you could call it a streetwear brand. But in the longterm, that’s not so.

The Process

When I graduated from college in May, I already had the basic ideas for the clothing but I wanted it to be bigger.  I tried to model the brand based on what I didn’t see being sold in stores.  I’d shop around and see a top and I’d wish the color was different or that it was styled a bit differently.  I’d use my imagination to revise the clothes and design my brand in a different way.  I gather ideas from what exists, as well as my travel… even phrases and thoughts.

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The Inspiration

I gather inspiration from brands because of what they stand for, how they execute, and how they paint a picture.  I really like Fubu. I do a lot of research on them because they were able to subliminally make something strictly for black culture. The way they were able to include a neglected market and make it something that they’re known for – I like that.

I draw inspiration from brands outside of fashion because anybody could point to the top. That’s like somebody saying their favorite basketball player is Lebron James. That’s not a hard decision to make and it’s not very thought-provoking. Nothing wrong with liking Lebron but there’s not a lot of thought as to why you like him so much.

On the marketing end, I like Gucci. They tell a great story and have eye catching visuals.

I also like some early 10 Deep – that spoke to me when I was younger and really got me into streetwear fashion.

I like some brands even if I don’t buy their products! I love the marketing from Zara and American Apparel – they have a distinct fingerprint. I think it’s so important to be consistent, and that’s something I’m working on with Full Clip’s next collection.

Here’s What’s Next

The new collection will release next month, but the yellow hoodies are out now.  The yellow and black hoodies go together and there’s another hoodie releasing with this upcoming collection that will all go together.  It was all inspired from my recent trip to Europe. I went to Germany, Amsterdam and Belgium.

The Impact

If there’s one thing that I want people to get out of Full Clip, I want it to be that they can be bigger than whatever their situation is. And, of course, I want them to be comfortable! People who wear Full Clip should feel like they copped the best brand in the world. They should feel confidence, feel empowered, and feel like they look good at the end of the day! That’s the starting point.

Aim High, Never Compromise.

Photos compliments of Kenny Infinite.

Shop up at Full Clip Global’s site.


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