Full Clip Private School Crewneck

Full Clip Global Introduces the Private School Crewneck

David Piper in Full Clip's Private School Crewneck

The visionary behind the Full Clip Global brand and Atlanta’s Streetwear Market has returned with another product release.

The newly released Private School Crewneck illustrates maturity for the brand, maintaining the required functional comfort of streetwear while incorporating the simplicity of contemporary fashion.

With the Private School Crewneck, we decided to take a different approach with design. A subtle, contemporary look was our goal to add to the Spring ’18 delivery.

I’ve always admired Full Clip for its seamless professionalism. The fashion line’s marketing campaigns and photo shoots appear to compete with the director’s budgets of larger brands. For this, we owe credit to Chris Peeples, the founder and photographer of Full Clip, as well as Deb the brand’s stylist. The models pictured are Liv Dewitt and David Piper.

Shop the look on the Full Clip Global site and follow them on Instagram for additional updates.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 1.08.41 PM.png

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