Willis posing for James Oakland

WATCH: Willis Drops Official Video for “When The Fire Starts”

Thank God for another Willis visual!

In case you didn’t know, Willis is a multi-talented artist from Indianapolis. The rapper, producer, songwriter, and now, photographer, prides himself on creating high-quality works of art – oftentimes all by himself. Don’t believe me? Watch behind-the-scenes as he recreates his single, When The Fire Starts.

The official visuals are no different. With direction and editing from Nevin Markitan, Willis truly brings the stories in his tracks to life. With the visual rendition of Stories of OldWillis, Nevin, and Willis’ cousin Sam created an entire short film highlighting the medieval-sounding drama of the track.

What’s the best way to illustrate the gritty punchlines of When The Fire Starts? Set the stage in a real-deal abandoned factory in small town Indiana.

Bitch, I’m from the Nap, BTF, got 4’s up on both hands.

Watch the video below.

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