Black Enigma Wasteland cover by Art by Hybrid

Some New (And Not So New) Music That You Should Listen To

Artists release new projects everyday, B.

With so many new drops, it’s incredibly difficult to keep up – especially considering I’m the queen of listening to the same five tracks on repeat for 3 months straight… I can’t be the only one! Let’s bring everyone back to speed.

Here’s some new (and not so new) projects that you should listen to.

Black Enigma – Wasteland EP

My five word summary: Techno R&B of the future.

Black Enigma is your favorite new-wave crooner reigning from Indianapolis, IN. According to his Instagram bio, he’s a part of 1996Montana‘s N96 collective, which is perfectly fitting because of his melodic, electronic, but still hip-hop, sound. Wasteland is a great introduction to the artist, featuring six tracks of concise heartbreak and feel-good instrumentals.

Honorable mention: Thank you, @artbyhybrid for the beautiful artwork.


Pat App – Higher Learning 

My five word summary: The soul rapper is back.

In case you’re unfamiliar Pat App is the prince of soul – blending the original metaphoric story-telling of hip-hop with messages of self-love and freedom. His newest track, Higher Learning, is easily reminiscent of the sounds of Pharcyde or 1999 Joey Bad, while still remaining true to Pat’s own journey of being “sincerely me.”

Ely Ayers – 2Pac of the 2K

My five word summary: Ayers is a production master.

Despite his relocation to sunny Los Angeles, Ely Ayers has still managed to maintain his connection to the creative community of his hometown. First through artist management and now with production. 2Pac of the 2K features Ayers production, with vocals from two of Indy’s upcoming frontmen: Mathaius Young and Paper Cleveland. The two rappers’ rhyming styles and deliberate confidence match perfectly with the track, whose name sake was about as confident as they came.

Honorable mention: Kendrick’s Frontseat is an Ely Ayers mix – no vocals, but worthy of your favorite playlist.


My five word summary: Saba never disappoints the Westside.

Okay, I might have cheated… is westside one word or two? Saba’s storytelling will never get old, and thankfully he blessed us with a ten-track album to ride to during those summer traffic jams on 290. On CARE FOR ME, Saba reflects on his new experiences with fame and touring, and his continued efforts at survival when he returns out west. Features include theMIND, Kaina, and Chance the Rapper.

Rich Robbins – Everyday Love

My five word summary: Love and treat yourself everyday.

Rich Robbins is a new find – boy, was I tripping! Everyday Love couldn’t be a more perfect introuction to the self-proclaimed “curator of self-love.” With a bit of help from Joseph Chilliams, Rich proves that nobody loves you more than you do. Add this track to your Nice for What playlist!

Honorable mention: Stay tuned for Rich Robbins’ full project releasing on May 8th. Also, stay tuned for a very special Soul Culture feature interview. Oak Park, stand up!

I know, I know… I’ve gotta be missing some of your favorites!

Leave a comment with your favorite tracks, albums, and EPs, new or old. 

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