Brandi Bennett founder of Go Off Sis empowering women

Go Off Sis: Encouraging the Ladies to Empower Themselves Holistically

Summer bodies don’t come easily – workouts are hard and those Sunday afternoon mimosas are too tempting to pass up. Let’s be real – it’d be a tad bit easier if there were other like-minded people to encourage you and hold you accountable!

Indianapolis’s Brandi Bennett is encouraging women to get up, get out, and go off with her new movement, Go Off Sis, LLC. What started as an Instagram hashtag to share her personal work outs and meal prepping quickly transitioned to a tagline for any woman’s efforts at personal empowerment.

I remember one day trying on my favorite pair of jeans and they didn’t fit.  I was devastated and I knew something had to change, so I made a promise to myself and to my followers that I was going to actually stick to my New Year’s Resolution and turn this into a lifestyle.

We all know about the Instagram models who post their Flat Tummy Teas and waist trainers. This is different. Go Off Sis aims to highlight real progress, along with the real struggles that come with it. Even more. Brandi is establishing genuine connections with women everywhere, further broadening the support network.

Read more about Brandi’s inspiration for taking Go Off Sis to the next level, as well as some of her future plans for the LLC.

I loved the hashtag from the beginning – it was great to see someone working hard at being healthy, and quite honestly encouraged me to get up and do something! Was that your goal? 

Go Off Sis focuses on the edification of women to “Go Off” and to take their dreams and aspirations to the next level. My inspiration fuels off of the genuine interactions I have with my followers. I truly get an emotional high when I see my supporters achieving their goals and sharing them.

Working out is not always fun, the weight loss journey is TOUGH and I wanted to be extremely transparent with my followers.

What else do you have planned? 

Later this year, I’m going to start participating in volunteer opportunities and speaking engagements geared toward young ladies in the community. I really want to join conversations and be a light of motivation around topics on body image, self-worth, and consistency. All of these things have truly made me fall in love with my passion and purpose in Go Off Sis.

Do you have any advice for those who are just starting this healthy eating or fitness journey? 

Really, this journey is more than working out. It truly is about continuous elevation in all aspects of life. A couple of tips I would love to share in regards to the fitness journey is how important consistency and meal prep have been for me. Meal prep really helps me stay on track with my eating habits and also helps me save money. I know we hear this all the time, but consistency truly is key. I would work out for two weeks and that was it. As soon as I made a promise to myself to stick with it – Sis, I went off!

Join Brandi’s journey by following her on Instagram and check out her website for official Go Off Sis merch!

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