LISTEN: Eagletuck’s 1996MONTANA Drops “RAF 96 REDUX”

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 10.12.11 PM.png

Eagletuck member 1996MONTANA recently released a redux to A$AP’s RAF. And I love it.

Here’s what I know about ’96 from the remixed track:

  • He’s charismatic, with an auto-tuned melodic flow that could easily be mistaken for any of today’s radio hitmakers.
  • Furthermore, his verses are smooth and edgy – maybe even reminiscent of an earlier ’11 Abel.

Don’t let the comparisons fool you, Montana’s affiliation with Ejaaz’s Eagletuck collective is just small proof of his individuality and creativity. I can safely say, there’s no one with the exact same sound coming out of the metropolitan area of Indianapolis.

Bitch I’m Ric with the Flair.

For a more original flow, check out HOME LATE. This track reflects the same catchiness as RAF without the bias of an A$AP and Dun Deal production.


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