Double A Muzic

Listen to This New Double A Track On Your Ride Home

Double A Muzic

Double A has teamed up with a couple of double-talented musicians for his newest track, READY. Gritty is a vocalist/rapper most known around town as the co-host of the DOJO – an Indianapolis event highlighting some of the city’s best artists. Then there’s producer/vocalist Phillip-David, Double A’s personal engineer and the melodic voice behind Double A’s soulful Bliss.

What I love most about this track is its duality. Double A’s tough punchlines paired with Gritty and Phillip-David’s harmonized sequences produce a charming track; proving that successful collaborations are oftentimes dependent on chemistry, not always the nature of the artistry. Without a doubt, the three of these guys work well together.

Take a listen to the track at the link below and follow Double A, Gritty, and Phillip-David for more tunes.

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