WATCH: Double A Muzic Visits the Essence of the 90s in New Video for “Sun” 🌞


Naptown Thrift owner, rapper and fellow Butler Bulldog is no stranger to vintage 90s fashion.  In fact, in my opinion, it’s that vibe that sets him apart from other rappers in the Indy city scene.

Today, Double A released visuals for Sun, a blues-sampled boom-bap track that’s lyrically reminiscent of early New York hip-hop.

Bet they tired of a struggle rapper takin’ his chances.

As for the visuals, Double A perfectly illustrates his bubbly and charismatic personality – unafraid to goof around and let his own lyrics be the soundtrack to his happiness.  You’ve gotta give the kid credit for being himself!


Check out the video and read our exclusive interview with Double A from the summer.

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