WATCH: Pat App Serving Up Free Vibes + Inspiration Via Freestyle


I must admit, I’m just recently getting hip to this kid they call Pat App.   If you’re also new to his rhymes, this freestyle is a wonderful introduction to his soulful, old school vibes.

This freestyle is packed with more valuable content than most artists’ carefully articulated (and written) published tracks.  Offering twenty-year-old wisdom, Pat suggests self-trust and belief over outside idolization and falling victim to false guidance.  Quite truthfully, this message couldn’t have come at a better time – I myself have long struggled with following my gut and doing what want, rather than listening to side-liners and bench players.  Turns out, my gut was right all along – Pat App is a monster.

Guide us to think like peasants, when deep inside we all kings and queens.
I am royalty. Say it now – royalty.

Check out the free vibes and stay tuned to SoulCulture for more from Pat App.

If you’re still unconvinced of Pat App’s bars, check his track Spirit Bomb.  Sick visuals provided by Levi Turner and filmed in the beautiful city of Chicago.

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