Double A Muzic, Rapper + Owner of Naptown Thrift, Spits A Naptown Thrift Freestyle

What would Naptown Thrift be without Double A? Just a storage closet.

Instead, it’s my favorite retro sportswear shop in all of the Midwest – not just for the gear, but for the authenticity in each and every pickup.  As the owner, Aaron personally thrift shops for every piece marketed on Naptown Thrift’s active Instagram account.

If you ever have the privilege to visit the shop, you’ll instantly sense his passion for the locally thriving business and even for the vintage streetwear industry.  Within minutes of walking into Naptown Thrift,  Double A has a “rack of heat” prepared with items he knows I’ll love.  Naptown Thrift provides the personalized experience and amazing retro pick-ups that we expect from our favorite big brands – all from the comfort of an Infinite Self Storage.

Enough small talk.  I’ll let Double A show you himself.

Check out Double A’s bars and get to know him by reading our exclusive interview with the artist.

Shoutout to the Willis cameos! Watch his freestyle here.

Follow Naptown Thrift on Instagram, where you can shop online and schedule time to visit the store.


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