Apollo 317 Is Something Special

Soul Culture family and fan-favorite, Willis, is back with another brilliant idea to uplift his hometown.

Apollo 317 is a series of monthly concerts featuring a group of carefully selected Indianapolis artists that are different in sound, but similarly connected through their mission to put Indianapolis on the musical map.

This is something special.

Annual events like Chreece Festival helped us to understand the array of talent living and breathing right in the Hoosier State. I don’t know how many times I heard someone exclaim, “I wish Chreece happened every weekend!” Now, musicians like Willis and James Oakland are crowd-sourcing the opportunity for Indiana creatives to consistently share ideas, network, and discover acts that they’d never heard before.

The second episode of the Apollo 317 concert series.

In the second installment of the Apollo 317 concert series we’ll see performances from Mula Kkhan, James Oakland, Willis, Double A, and Allison Victoria. This episode is sponsored by Double A’s Naptown Thrift – so there’s even an opportunity to shop local for the best vintage threads.

Willis is already considering the longevity of the event. When I asked him how far in advance he planned each Apollo 317 bill, he named off a laundry list of artists that he’s waiting to add to the lineup. Artists like Pope Adrian Bless, Flaco, Clint Breeze and the Groove, New Wave Collective, Poindexter, Mathaius Young, Paper Cleveland, Veno Da Don… and it went on.

Ironically, I was just suggesting such an event in the wake of Mass Appeal’s Spinnin’ Sauce party in Los Angeles. I’m happy to see that someone with a passion for Midwest hip-hop is taking charge and paving the pathway for current creators.

Tickets to Apollo 317 are only $5, so you have no excuse to come through and support. Episode II will be hosted by Blockhouse Bar in Bloomington, indiana and sponsored by Naptown Thrift.

Follow the official Twitter for updates.

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