Spinnin’ Sauce: A Party Appreciating Local LA Acts

Indianapolis-bred Mass Appeal the DJ is working to bring up and coming creative acts to the masses.

His newest venture is Spinnin Sauce. A monthly party with the sole purpose of encouraging and highlighting local acts. And not just musicians. The event will also feature booths for clothing brands and lesser-known artists.

As Mass Appeal puts it:

This is about advancing myself and my people. I’m not being selfish – I could easily make it all about me, but I want it to be about us. This is something that everybody can grow from.

Party promotion is always fueled by personal agendas – make a few easy dollars by throwing a party with a few friends. On the surface level, this may seem like an easy cop-out for Mass Appeal. On the contrary, he’s applying his relationships with club owners and creatives alike to uplift those being drowned out by the mainstream. In its purest form, Spinnin Sauce could be an event that our Midwest counterparts learn from. Great minds under the same roof, sharing their crafts – what more could you ask for?

The party is officially hosted by DJ camaraderie of the same name (Spinnin Sauce). The group features DJs from all around the country, including Los Angeles, Indianapolis, New York City, Bloomington, Muncie, Detroit, and Atlanta.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, drop through the party. If not, follow along and observe – we need something like this in Chicago or Indy.

Party hosted by Spinnin Sauce DJs

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