LISTEN: Mai Releases Her Very First Single, “On Me”

And the wait was well worth it.

Prior to the release of an original track, solo soul artist Mai has proven her musical ability and garnered a modest following. Snippets of Instagram cover videos generate views in the thousands, with hundreds of comments spelling out what we were all thinking: “this girl can sing!” I was personally shocked the first time that I watched a Mai cover video. Despite her soft and innocent physical appearance, her voice is bold – with enough range to outsing countless faux pop stars.

The new single, On Me, is as chill as they come. The calm production makes way for Mai’s raw vocals. And, quite frankly, as her first single this should be the case. For the first time, Mai’s proving to the world that she’s a full-fledged singer with original artistry. I think she’s here to stay.

Stream On Me on Soundcloud and follow Mai for more upcoming releases.

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