Veno Da Don Releases New Visuals to Leading Singles from “S O R R Y N O T S O B E R”

If you haven’t, read (and watch) our interview with Veno.

Earlier this week No Heart Crew’s front man, Veno Da Don, teased a new visual for Bitch Move, the second single from his sophomore album Sorry Not Sober. 

The teaser features shirtless Veno performing in a storage closet – presumably styled to mirror an insane asylum. This is fitting considering the track’s vibe – Bitch Move is the leading score to your favorite hood thriller, where agressive trap influences meet heavy 808s.

The visual teaser is a perfect, although short-lived, introduction to Veno’s NoHeart collective. Raucous and disturbing – the rowdy group of teenagers committed to blowing out your speakers.

Then comes the full visual.

What was originally assumed to be a visual for one track, Bitch Move, actually included another track D.R.U.G.S. The majority of the video seemed almost psychadelic – reminiscent of A$AP’s Purple Swag video, but justified by the pitch changes in D.R.U.G.S.

Coupled with the Sorry Not Sober documentary, and even the Add It Up visual, it’s safe to say that Veno is finding his presence in Indianapolis’s growing hip-hop scene.

See for yourself.


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