In Case You Missed It: Veno Da Don Releases Playful Visuals for Indy’s Newest Hustle Anthem, “Add It Up”

the best (1).png

If you’ve never heard of Veno Da Don, you will soon.

The track itself isn’t too different from what we’ve heard before – reflecting on the hardships of starting from the bottom and the rewards of quick cash and come ups.  But, the charisma of Veno Da Don – self-proclaimed No Heart Veno – and the high-energy of his crew, The No Heart Club, creates a hype that makes this hood-rich anthem special.

Veno’s visuals certainly add to the hype of the track.   It’s what you’d typically expect from a rags-to-riches hip-hop track, but with a completely new backdrop: Indianapolis.

[Shoutout to the 86th Street B-Dubb’s cameo.]

Started at the bottom, now we up. Yeah, I had to stunt.

Started feelin’ lit, I had enough. YOLO, so I poured another cup.

Vibe to the video, and look out for more Veno Da Don on SoulCulture!


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