Indy Is Preparing to Crowd Source the Party with Lari Pati


Your concerns have been heard.

Party-goers worldwide often complain about the DJ’s music choices and song selections. 8 times out of 10 (this statistic hasn’t been fact-checked) these complaints go unheard and the party keeps rolling without audience input. But when you’re living in a big city like Chicago or New York, club choices are endless and there’s a stronger possibility of there being a scene to match your swag. However, in smaller towns, like Indianapolis, these opportunities are limited.

Indianapolis resident @pitchforpennies (Steven by government) is aiming to change the way that music hits nightlife with his new initiative, Lari Pati.

Lari Pati is an experience in the making, encouraging party-goers in the Indianapolis area to contribute uptempo, groovy house/R&B/rap/dance music to a group of playlists. Steven’s mission:

Above all: Break the myth that Indy is behind when it comes to what’s cool & what’s hot.

Be confident in your music choices and ensure that your favorite track gets played. Send playlists from any platform via DM to @pitchforpennies.

In addition to crowd sourcing the music for the experience, Steven is also seeking paid photographers, illustrators and graphic designers for contributions. If you’re skilled and talented in those art forms, or know someone who is, send your contact information via DM to @pitchforpennies on Instagram.

IMG_0009.PNG   IMG_0010.PNG   IMG_0011.PNG

Such an initiative is imperative for the growing cultural community in Indianapolis. Too often its residents complain about the lack of representation in its urban scenes. Now is your chance to contribute to a movement that is working to improve the city and its culture one song at a time.

This is for the culture.

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