Meet NUEVA, An Indianapolis-Based Streetwear Brand With Sights Set For Global Expansion


Indianapolis (West Side) native, Tyler, is using his creative designs to represent Hoosiers in eventually every corner of the world. Tyler and his team are focused on developing a creative influence, starting in Indiana, but with aspirations to grow the brand nationally and even internationally.



It’s clear that the NUEVA movement isn’t just a get-rich-quick scheme – there’s no brand website or active promotions. Instead, Tyler’s taken a Supreme approach. Each release is shared organically by those who happen to understand and respect the movement – marketing is exclusively conducted by real customers who proudly wear the brand on social media.

What’s most unique about the NUEVA brand is its raw authenticity. Each image, symbol and release, down to the name of the brand itself, is drawn from Tyler and his friends’ own creative inspirations. Not for the sake of riding trend waves.

Check out more looks from NUEVA’s Spring 2017 collection on Tyler’s Instagram and prepare to see more from the brand online and in print in Soul Culture’s upcoming book project.


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