READ: Red Bull Music “Goes Deep” with Chicago Style Icon, Joe Freshgoods


Whether you realize it or not, you’re likely already familiar with Joe Freshgoods and the Fat Tiger Workshop brand.

Reigning from Chicago’s West Side, Joe has mastered the art of entrepreneurship in streetwear culture. Each collection his team releases is perfectly timed with what’s happening him, from national politics to symbols and inspirations within Chicago’s inner city. Yes, cliche, but Joe somehow finds ways to reveal art out of anything – even the hood’s corner beauty supply.

I absolutely loved Joe’s Thank You, Obama collection, highlighting our cultural gratitude for the first president that was for us. What put most outsiders (those outside of Chicago’s art bubble) onto the collection was the cosign from fellow Chi superstar, Chance the Rapper.

In Case You Missed It.png

Joe Freshgoods continues to inspire artists of all formats around Chicago. And now, it’s obvious that his crew is making noise outside of the Chicago area. Red Bull Music chatted with Joe Freshgoods about his upbringing and entrepreneurial spirit. Three key takeaways: Study an OG, Trust Your Own Ideas, and GO CRAZY.




Read the entirety of the interview here.


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