In Case You Missed It: Willis Releases “Wasting My Time”


Just in time for his Chreece debut, Willis releases his newest track, Wasting My Time. 

Willis addresses everything that has gone wrong, from his recent break up to a lack of faith in his rising success. The track is extremely relatable – everyone experiences ruts where daily habits are done by muscle memory, rather than with any passionate effort. What’s unique is Willis’ willingness to bear all in a society driven by false advertising. Instagram feeds will have us believe that everyone’s doing great.

Money don’t help, social media’s poison/
Yeah, Donald Trump’s a bitch.
And what else is new?

The track bears similar cadence to a young Eminem. Maybe not by accident as Willis even includes a short mention of the MC’s own rough-around-the-edges approach to candid hip-hop. No matter the semblance to a rap great, tracks like Wasting My Time separate Willis from the pack of artists rising out of the Midwest. It proves his ability to keep it real and pair his emotions with real artistry.

So am I wasting my time?
Feels like I’ve been on this path a long time…

Listen to the track below and purchase tickets to see Willis live at Chreece Festival in Indianapolis this weekend.

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