New Music Monday: Poindexter the Great Drops Off Two Stellar Tracks


The energetic east sider, Poindexter the Great, is putting his name back on the map with two new tracks.

First up is Back On – first premiered at last month’s Chreece Festival and catchy enough to be your favorite fall track. Back On is the epitome of Poindexter’s competitive advantage, featuring his melodic charisma and ambitious hometown pride. This track is the perfect soundtrack to motivate any kind of productivity (yes, it’s time to get back on your bullshit) – and if the lyrics aren’t convincing enough, the clean production and 808s should be.

Then there’s Mirrors, produced by the same guy who’s backed Nipsey Hussle, Mac Miller and Rick Ross. Mirrors is Poindexter’s tell-all, an opportunity to showcase his punch-line humor and braggadocious cadence. This is personally one of my favorite Poindexter tracks – crisp enough to mix in with mainstream hits, but still rough enough to pass as a street cypher.

Listen to Poindexter’s newest tracks and re-watch his Naptown Thrift Freestyle for more rhymes.


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