WATCH: Poindexter the Great Drops By for the Fifth Installment of Naptown Thrift Freestyles

Naptown spitter, Poindexter, dropped by your favorite vintage shop for the fifth installment of Soul Culture’s Naptown Thrift Freestyle.

If you’re unfamiliar with Poindexter as a musician, it’s as if your favorite cousin at the cookout released a mixtape under a cartoon’s moniker.

What I love most about The Great is his ability to remain genuine. Whether you’re first meeting him or you’ve known him for years, we’re all getting the same Poindexter: a goofy and sarcastic kid from the East side of Indy with a rap and fashion style of his own.

Prior to filming the freestyle, Poindexter and I chatted about the sound of his upcoming project and the energy at his live shows.

This conversation has been revised for brevity and clarity. 

How do people react to your music at live shows? 

Women always like it – they just like to see music. But with the general crowd, it’s about performing and giving them good energy, especially if they may not know the music. Here in Indy I’ve done shows where some people knew all the words, but when I go to other places that’s not always the case so I have to put on a show.

I’ve seen footage of your shows, you go crazy! 

[Sarcastically]: No I don’t!

Your style is so unique, but there are certain pieces that you pick up that I can definitely see you wearing. 

VSCO Cam-1.jpg

Have you dropped any merch or is that to come later? 

I did before, but I’m not really promoting it right now. Last year I went heavy with it and I sold out and didn’t re-up. But now, when I drop this album I want to do it all simultaneously.

Like a whole campaign? 

Yeah, a campaign! Boom, the album’s out and the merch goes with it. Neither is an after thought.

Your current music reminds me a lot of Danny Brown by its abrasiveness and even with your voice inflections. Will the next album be similar or are you switching your style up? 

I can’t really describe my new stuff because I think about music in shapes and colors… I see Danny Brown’s music as more flat, and I want my new project to be more round. I didn’t even mean for the project to turn out how it did, to be honest. I had a specific idea in my head when I first started and then it shifted into something else.

That’s how art works, right? Nothing seems to ever turn out exactly how we expect it to. 

Yeah, I guess. You’ll just have to wait and see!

Watch the full freestyle below and stay tuned to Poindexter for his upcoming project.


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