Poindexter the Great

LISTEN: Poindexter Drops Three New Tracks

I admire consistency. The best musicians are full of it – their sounds evolve and develop, but their purpose and personality remains the same. Poindexter The Great is proving his consistency with yet another massive Soundcloud drop, including three tracks: I’m Sorry, FBGM, and Jumpin. Each track is pretty different in style, but reflects Poindexter’s unfailing confidence and enthusiasm.

Ride to this.

I’m Sorry, produced by PhilosopherBeatz, is a track flaunting Poindexter’s confidence. And, to be quite honest, he has every reason to be. Poindexter’s confidence is what drives his charisma – it’s what makes him, him. Most importantly, his energy is infectious. That’s proven even on a track as low-key as this one.

Pre-game to this.

I am a m*therfuckin’ diamond in the rough

FBGM, produced by TyjuanOnTheBeat, is a catchy redux to the early 2000s Lil’ Wayne era. Poindexter’s voice on the nostalgic hook (Get Money, F*ck B*tches) and flamboyant verses are at the forefront – letting you know that he’s one of the most promising artists from his hometown. If you didn’t know before, now you do. It’s also important to note his quick references to Jibbs’ Chain Hang Low. Yeah, he’s taking it back.

The city on my back because they know that I’m they only hope!

Get ready to this.

Jumpin isn’t my favorite Poindexter track – but it’s another great example of Poindexter’s skills with writing hooks. He is a hit machine. (Fave this blog post, someday I’ll be saying “I told you so.”) While my cell phone’s never jumping, at least I’ll feel like a rock star as I get ready to start my day.

Whether you enjoy the three new tracks or not, give Poindexter his credit for writing the catchiest of hooks and booming your energy levels.

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