A Letter to Soul Culture Supporters: Thank You For Two Years!

I’ve officially been blogging for two years. What started as a thoughtless hobby has transformed into a major passion project. I created the blog as a private host of my own thoughts and ideas and slowly, but surely, it’s blossoming into my vision as a platform for creatives in my own Midwest backyard. I’ve learned so much about myself and my community from this opportunity. Here are a few of those personal learning moments:

It’s humbling to create something bigger than myself.

Soul Culture isn’t anywhere near where I’d like it to be, but it’s grown tremendously since that first day that I created a WordPress account. It’s great to have my name behind something that’s bigger than me as a person. I’ve created a platform that people care about and depend on to share their work – and that platform will (hopefully) live on long beyond myself. I’ve created something that has value and I never in my wildest dreams expected a silly blog to hold weight among some of the super-talented people that I admire.

Be yourself unapologetically.

So cliche, but this has been my daily mantra. Every blog post that I publish (including this one) is an open page in my diary that can be read by anyone online. With such vulnerability, it would be easy to portray someone that I’m not – someone cooler, prettier, more well-rounded. Instead, it’s well worth it to share all that I am as honestly as I possibly can. I can’t put into words how beautiful of a feeling it is when someone loves an open and honest blog post that I share, because I was sharing the real me. As crazy and impulsive as I am, someone loved what I had to share anyway. That feeling is absolutely priceless!

Most times the best form of support isn’t financial.

I deeply appreciate the friends + family members that were willing to read over a piece for revisions (or to just read them at all). Those who actively engage in what I’m doing or offer help just by being a listening ear mean the most. Buying a tee shirt is just a plus.

Whether you’re a photographer, painter, or writer, you know that it’s difficult to share your work without fear of judgement. Whenever I click “Publish” I wonder if people will read it, what they’ll think, or if they’ll like it. So, the best moments are when a friend, or even a stranger, say that they enjoyed a post and really mean it.

Thank you to everyone who’s visited Soul Culture in its two years of existence, and everyone who will visit it in the years to come.


Little Bria    👑

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