TK Kravitz Is Pushing His Creative Limits As A Songwriter and Artist

You’ve likely known TK Kravitz all along without even realizing it. He was a member of the hit duo, TK N Cash. The group behind a couple of your favorite summer tracks: Mind Right and 3 Times in a Row.

Once a member for the hit group, TK Kravitz is now a chart topping solo artist with writing credits for some of your favorite musicians (including Meek Mill, Trey Songz, Juicy J, Kevin Gates, and Flo Rida).

I imagine it’s difficult establishing credibility as an individual artist when you’ve already shared your creativity as a group. Let’s be real: TK N Cash’s tracks weren’t considered the core of hip-hop, rather a splash of summer radio hits that came and went. Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised by TK Kravitz’s depth as an artist. His personal discography proves his ability to apply his consistent sound to a versatility of musical styles within hip-hop. Most importantly, his natural melodies could help to differentiate him from other artists competing in the same space.

This could explain why his number one musical influence is Lauryn Hill:

I listened to a lot of Lauryn Hill growing up and watched her melodic rhymes go from singing to rapping. That was my first taste of genre blending. I can’t recall anyone else’s music influencing me the way that she did. Now, it’s 2017 and everyone is singing and rapping, but I make sure my music is true to me.

Leading up to his latest EP, 2.0, I had a chat with TK about his success as a solo artist, his creative process writing for some of the world’s biggest artists, and tour life with Drowning artist, A Boogie with the Hoodie.

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity and brevity.

As a member of the hit group TK N Cash, how have you found success as a solo artist?

I find it the same mainly because I’ve always moved as my own individual, so the transition wasn’t and isn’t hard at all, just a tad bit more pressure because it’s all on me. When I perform, it’s just me, so I have to go harder.

Do you appreciate it more than a group effort?
I appreciate it way more because it’s me, me meaning my responsibility to make sure my music and personality connect with people.

What’s your writing creative process like?

It’s all a feeling. I listen to beats all day. The moment that I find a beat that catches my attention, I can’t help but jump right in the booth and let my ideas come out. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, but I have to go with my first instinct to see how it turns out.

Do you write songs with particular artists in mind, or do you just go with the flow in hopes that it’ll fit with a person’s act?

I write for myself first and if it doesn’t fit my project or the direction I’m going in, I’ll just send it over to someone. Hopefully, they like it, it works for their project, and they can try to make it their own. It’s my all my words, so it’s always for me first.

You’re pretty determined to make this work – I can tell that music is more than a job to you, it’s a passion. What was your initial journey into music?

I was really young, so I hustled a lot. Just being in Atlanta there was a lot of talented people. It’s a bit different now because everyone looks to Atlanta for the trends in music, but it wasn’t always like that.

Once I knew I had to take music seriously, I started doing a lot of local showcases and traveling. Eventually, I got to rub shoulders with the tastemakers, which landed me in many circles to make plays.

Did you grow up in a musical household or did you develop this passion on your own?

I grew up in a military household. I guess you can call me an army brat [laughs], but I was blessed to have parents that nurtured my ideas and believed in my dreams. I always loved music and even though it was different from their careers, they always encouraged me to do it and do it the right way!

What’s tour life like with A Boogie?

Tour life is dope with A Boogie! He’s cool and the fans are showing up and showing out. He and his team are really dope and I’m glad we could connect on this tour. Hopefully, we collaborate more in the future after this.

What should listeners expect from your new EP, 2.0?

My new Project 2.0 is sounding amazing! Sonically, it’s bigger then my last project. With the lyrics, I’m going more into detail, plus the production is even more intense. I really think my fans will see the continuation and progression from my last project and if you aren’t familiar with me, you will get a crazy introduction!

End of interview.

One thing’s for sure; TK Kravitz is one of the hardest working artists on the scene right now. He’s steadily proving himself as a creative influencer, not just through his musical talent, but also through his ability to network and market himself as a brand.

Stay tuned for 2.0 releasing this winter.

In the meantime, listen to his 2016 album, TK Kravitz, with features from Rich the Kid, Famous Dex, Ty Dolla $ign, YFN Lucci, and Blac Youngsta.

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