Listen to Dré Dys’ Newest Single “Vibin’ Coolin’”

The Hoosier, turned Mississippian has a sound you weren’t necessarily expecting. My ignorance led me to believe that this would be a dirty-south rendition of today’s hip-hop trends: loud, blaring 808s and a barely coherent drawl.

On the contrary, Dré’s flow is articulate and punctual. The aim of his newest project is to bridge the gap between rhythm and soul’s past to today’s hip-hop. Vibin’ Coolin’ is the perfect single to introduce this concept, sampling Drake and Lloyd’s A Night Off whilst paying homage to Janet Jackson’s Would You Mind in the hook.

Dré Dys is as smooth as it gets. It’s his easy-going charisma that buys him the opportunity to connect with both the old and new school. Interestingly enough, Dré is completing the entire project without musical features. A growing number of artists are proving their musical talents by creating their own, consistent sounds without the crutch of other musicians. Of course collaboration is important, but it’s especially refreshing to find local musicians who are at least capable of creating on their own.

Stay tuned this February for Dré Dys’s full project, rightfully titled The Bridge. In the meantime, listen to Vibin’ Coolin’.


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