willis performs live at quality indy

LISTEN: Willis Enlists Double A and Paper Cleveland for “4 The Gang”

Who got the soul?

Soul Shoes rapper/writer/producer, Willis, releases a soul-hop track with help from Double A and Paper Cleveland. We’ve already established Willis’ creative talent – he writes, produces, and records all of his tracks. He’s also does a great job at choosing his track features. Double A’s hard punchlines and Paper’s catchy melodies strongly contributed to 4 The Gang‘s hit potential.

Here’s a few fun facts about the track – all courtesy of Willis’ Twitter:

  1. Double A contributed to the production by suggesting a shaker in the hook.
  2. James Otha found the sample.
  3. Paper Cleveland wrote the second half of the hook and is responsible for the track title.
  4. Willis didn’t like the beat when he first made it.

Lucky for us, he gave the track a second chance. Take a listen on Soundcloud below and stay tuned for an Apple Music release.

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