Levi Turner recording Joey Bada$$ set on AMERIKKKANA TOUR

WATCH: Joey Bada$$ Enlists Help From An Indianapolis Native for AMERIKKKANA TOUR Video Production

Joey Bada$$ performing on AMERIKKKANA Tour
“Your dreams can 1000% become your reality.”

While on the AMERIKKKANA TOUR through North America, Joey Bada$$ enlists the help of a few creative geniuses. One being an Indianapolis native by the name of Levi Turner.

Levi’s resume goes beyond my scope of expectations. From the early days of Epic Records singer/songwriter, Lauren Sanderson, to Warped Tour performer, Futuristic – the list goes on and the artistic talent of his clients illustrate his own potential as a visionary videographer.

I was first introduced to Levi’s work during my interview/freestyle segment with Pat App. At the time, Levi was Pat’s videographer – the man behind one of my favorite hip-hop visuals, with Chicago’s familiar Red Line train as the setting.

And now, Levi’s capturing some of the best behind-the-scenes moments for the New York-bred Pro Era crew.

Joey Bada$$ posing on the AMERIKKKANA TOUR

The Erasodes could be made into their very own binge-worthy Netflix TV show. Starting as far back as 5 years ago, Joey Bada$$ would always reveal the life and times as a Pro Era frontman – from touring overseas to fooling over freestyles.

This season, each Erasode is directed and edited by Indianapolis’s Levi Turner. There’s a cohesive vintage theme captured throughout the season; one that’s reminiscent of our parent’s old home videos. Levi’s use of VHS effects perfectly illustrates the happenings of Pro Era, especially considering their front man is an open representation of the impact of 90’s rap on today’s hip-hop culture. As each episode highlights the highs and lows of tour life, we’re reminded once and for all that Joey Bad and the rest of the crew are just like us – 90’s babies who refuse to take life too seriously.

Levi’s success as a photographer should inspire you to pursue your own dreams. They’re not too farfetched and your pursuit of them isn’t a cliche. As Levi said, “Your dreams can 1000% become your reality.”

Watch the Erasodes below and stay tuned to Levi’s Instagram to follow his journey as one of the best hip-hop photographers from Naptown.

Erasode 1 – “You got white kids out here saying ‘fuck white supremacy’.” 

Erasode 2 – Lift Yourself First Listen 

Erasode 3 – “You bootleggers out there need to stop conning my family, man.”

Erasode 4 – BEASTcoast takes the West Coast\

All photos and video footage in this article are credited to Levi Turner and gathered from his public Instagram.

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