Veno Da Don poses for MAYHEM EP art

LISTEN: Veno Da Don Connects His Naptown Roots with the Influence of ATL on “MAYHEM” EP

MAYHEM EP - Veno Da Don
MAYHEM EP. Artwork created by Willis!

We’re currently witnessing Veno Da Don’s growth in artistry. The rapper manages to maintain the charisma of current-day hype tracks while intertwining the honest storytelling of his personal life journey.

D.O.A.R.N. samples James Bay’s Let It Go and illustrates the artist’s change of pace. The flow of confident punchlines is familiar to those heard on Dontober and Sorry Not Sober, but executed on a totally unexpected production. The EP’s intro proves that his rhyme style is loosely more versatile than before.

The rest of the project is much of the same. MAYHEM’s single, Split It, was Veno’s opportunity to share what he’s learned from his longterm hiatus in Atlanta, Georgia. Despite the brief move out of state, Veno stays true to his Indiana roots by bringing the popular style of Georgia rap back to his home team.

I come from Indiana that’s like coming off the bench
Now it’s my time Imma shine just look at the wrist

What I love most about Veno is his fresh approach to Indy’s music community. Yes, he’s strapped with confidence, but he’s continuously honing his craft through exposure to new experiences and new opportunities as an artist.

Listen to Mayhem on all streaming platforms now.

Shout out to fellow artist, Willis, for MAYHEM’s artwork.

MAYHEM EP cover art by Willis

Veno Da Don's MAYHEM EP track list artwork by Willis

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If you still haven’t watched Veno Da Don’s episode of Naptown Thrift freestyles, tune in below.

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