We All Scream for Streetly

In a sea of screen printed tees and hoodies, it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish true passion projects from brands created for the sole purpose of cash flow. I personally find it my duty to provide this distinction to those who care.

Indianapolis native, Justin Gordon, is focused on building a brand that promotes creativity, individuality, and an appreciation of culture in the Midwest. Streetly is an extension of his passions – on the surface level, it’s a clothing brand, but Justin is steadily offering glimpses of his expansions. This month, Streetly World is taking over the ice cream business.

Streetly’s summer line is flamboyant and fun. The ice cream motif and bright color ways reinforce cliche summer themes, while still offering pieces that are distinct to Indy’s existing streetwear landscape. However, this time it’s not just about the clothes – it’s about the delivery. Streetly Creamery is a totally unique spin on the booming pop-up phenomenon. As an ode to Streetly’s ice cream-themed summer release, Justin is holding a full on release concert at an Indianapolis summer staple: Broad Ripple Ice Cream Shop.

Keep reading as Justin offers insight into the creative process for the Streetly pop-up and the success of the new release.

What inspired the ice cream theme of this release?

To be honest it all started from the red shirt. Which is our logo turned into an ice cream cone. After that, everything just flowed together.

Tell me the process of planning the release event – especially at an ice cream shop. How was it working with BRICS and what do you think sets this pop-up apart from other pop-ups like it around the city? 

Believe it or not, it was a really easy process! Don’t get me wrong, it had its rough parts. My partner Asya made it extremely easy and everything run smooth. BRICS’s management team is the sweetest people you’ll ever know. They were all for the idea because it was something fresh and new being brought to the shop. It’s a completely different idea, which sets our pop-shop aside from a lot of others. Instead of just making it about selling clothes, we made it about the community! We are an Indianapolis brand that partnered with an Indianapolis ice cream shop to give you Indianapolis culture – how many can say that?

Instead of just making it about selling clothes, we made it about the community!

I love the bright colors incorporated in this release! What inspired those? 

We wanted to keep the theme of summer. So we decided to go with bright colors. Plus it gives its own taste. It give us our own style.

I also love the coach jacket – it’s likely my favorite release of any Midwest streetwear brand this season. Why the jacket? And why such a bold color choice?

Well thank you Bria! [Laughs]. We made the jacket now because even thought it’s summer, we still have rain. The jacket is water resistant, so it will not feel heavy when it rains. Also, yellow is my favorite color to wear. When we create things, we create them to stand out, and yellow stands out.

Which Indianapolis artists (of any format – music, fashion, painting, etc.) inspire you the most currently?  

My homies Wild Nueva and WDRFA inspires me a lot when it comes to fashion. I just love seeing the same culture having its own individual styles. The collaboration WDRFA has with PUP is hard! Nueva’s sense of detail is amazing. They both help me to push harder for the culture I love.

Anything else you’d like to share about Streetly or the Ice Cream release? 

Nothing much to say, but come out and check us out. Even though we are sold out of tickets. You can always slide by to buy our new drop and enjoy the music.  I do want to give a special shoutout to my homie Asya. She’s our new creative director. She really made this shit happen. I appreciate you!

Support Streetly’s Creamery at BRICS on July 21st at 9:30PM for the first opportunity to shop the release and for performances by Double A, Distinct, Kyro the Artist, and sounds by Slick Vic.

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