Inside Naptown Thrift

Your New Favorite Thrift Shop Is Opening Soon

The city is buzzing.

As Indiana’s urban culture shifts in a forward direction, there are a few star players at the height of its movement. Double A is one of them. Not just for his musical talent – let’s be clear, that’s causing some buzz, too – but also for his ability to apply one of his lifelong passions to an ever-growing business model.

Naptown Thrift Store Front

Double A is the creator of Naptown Thrift: a fully-stocked thrift shop tucked away in a South Broad Ripple storage unit. If you’re a streetwear or vintage clothing enthusiast, chances are you’re already familiar with the store. Double A has managed to generate a loyal and active group of customers all through social media marketing and rare thrift finds. As a matter of fact, up until the e-commerce launch earlier this year, customers had to DM the Instagram page for a Pay Pal transaction or stop by the storage unit to make a physical purchase. Fans stick around and shop big simply because there’s nowhere else in the city with as many high-quality finds. It’s good stuff.

After three short years of Naptown Thrift as we know it – the Instagram page, storage unit, and flawless collaborations – the store is officially opening its first brick-and-mortar. Attend the grand opening this Saturday, September 15th at 2174 E 54th Street in Indianapolis! 

In honor of the Naptown Thrift grand opening, let’s revisit the Naptown Thrift freestyles!

In case you don’t remember, Soul Culture teamed up with the thrift shop to host local Indianapolis artists for quick cyphers. The bunch includes the man behind the shop, Double A, Willis, Poindexter, Pat App and Veno Da Don.

















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