Wild NUEVA and Soul Culture

Naptown Nostalgia with the Guys from Wild NUEVA

In the first installment of the Naptown Nostalgia series, the guys from Wild NUEVA discuss childhood fashion trends, style inspiration and their newest drop, all while shopping for vintage threads at Indy’s Naptown Thrift.

Many thanks to those who have made this series possible! Film and direction is credited to Raval Lavar – the mastermind behind the camera lens. Creative direction and site management was handled by Aaron Marshall (most of you know him as Double A), the founder and owner of Naptown Thrift. There are also a host of creatives, including musicians, fashion designers and shop owners who made this series worthwhile – I can’t wait to share your episodes! For the sake of mystery, I won’t share who they are yet…

Tune in to the first episode of Naptown Nostalgia!

Shop Wild NUEVA online now and follow the guys on Instagram for instant updates on their upcoming releases.

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