NUEVA hoodie in a Supreme duffle bag

NUEVA’s 5 Wildest Instagram Sample Drops

Street wear today most often means Gildan tees and hoodies with screen-printed graphics. Wild NUEVA is one of few that is breaking the mold and offering a full-scope of branded items. If you’re a part of the Wild NUEVA Instagram family, you should already be quite familiar with their cadence – every so often there’s a sample elusively premiered on-feed, exclusively available to its creators.

Here are the 5 wildest in ranking order.

5. Ski Goggles

Whether you’re actually going skiing or filming a music video, NUEVA has you covered. The ski goggles were NUEVA’s first stab at placement in the high fashion space, attempting to supersede the Pradas and Guccis in the accessory field.

4. Home Decor

During the Wild NUEVA pop-up at Quality Indy, the team offered a quick glimpse into a space that isn’t often explored. While unreleased, the decor pieces teased the possibility of the NUEVA brand outside of fashion. Think BAPE and Supreme – two streetwear brands that have made their marks on every fashion-forward’s apartment floors.

3. “Active Wear”

Stay on-brand, day or night. Not too much else needs to be said here.

2. Low Top Air Forces Ones

Very original, certainly wild. The team could’ve chosen any shoe, but they chose to remix a classic silhouette with an assist from shoe connoisseur @dezinedope. As mentioned in their Naptown Nostalgia episode, NUEVA positions themselves as a brand somewhere between St. Laurent and Nike. In parallel, the custom Air Force One is a timeless product, while also remaining functional.

1.The earrings that sparked nostalgia in brown girls everywhere.

Although they’re still unreleased, and apparently undergoing a phase of revision, the sample is still worthy of the wildest spot. This is how you add femininity to your portfolio – not with baby tees, leggings or pink whatever. The NUEVA hoops are the perfect piece of nostalgia – sparking memories for brown girls everywhere and accessorizing the existing unisexual appeal that females in streetwear have grown to love. To top it off, this piece illustrates the NUEVA guys’ commitment to bridging the gap between genders in the space of fashion. That’s wild!

Learn more about Wild NUEVA, including inspiration for the brand’s best releases and what’s upcoming in the first episode of Naptown Nostalgia.

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