Female Streetwear Looks for the Fall 🍂

The first snow has already fallen, but here are recaps from my favorite moments this fall. Including a photo shoot with Chicago streetwear photographer, Kenechi, and personal shoots throughout the weekend of Kanye’s Chicago leg of the Saint Pablo tour.

Check out my favorite moments below.

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These photos are special to me because they reflect my personal style – I’ve always been the tomboy who connected more with male clothing than female. When all the other girls were starting to wear makeup and dresses, I was begging my parents to buy me throwback jerseys and sneakers.

Recently, there has been a natural shift in fashion, encouraging clothing that is not limited to the confines of gender.  This wasn’t always normal – I can’t tell you how much I got made fun of for being myself. Nonetheless, I love that girls everywhere are being encouraged to be comfortable in their own skin and wear what they feel.

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Another reason I love these photos are because my locs have come a loooooooong way.  This November marks a year since I started my loc journey and this photoset is a perfect annual celebration.

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For more photos of women in streetwear, check out Kenechi’s”Borrowed From the Boys” look book.  Also, check out our posts about Brittany Byrd and “Millioneiress” by Leah for lady boy inspiration.


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