SoulCulture: Honoring Black Accomplishments In the Month of February


Last year, SoulCulture honored Black History Month through highlighting black history-makers who weren’t given their fair acknowledgement.

This year, we’re doing things a little different…

Rather than recognizing the black figure heads who have changed American history in past times, we are honoring those who are changing American history right now.  Of course it’s important to understand our history – the missing links of African-American history have always been apparent.  And with the release of this year’s award-winning film, Hidden Figures, we are still learning about black thinkers that deserved to be mentioned in history books all along.  While it’s important to learn our history, it’s just as important to be in the-know with today’s tastemakers.


So, each week you’ll learn about Someone You Should Know – a person who is alive and well in 2017 and paving the way for our future generations.

Tune in.

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