Willis Just Released the First Trailer for “Stories of Old”


If you don’t already know who Willis is, you should.

In case you don’t, here’s a recap:

  • He’s a talented and determined hip-hop artist reigning from Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • His Spotify tracks have already seen over a million plays – and definitely well-earned, I might add.
  • His most recent EPThe Color Room, is full of the honesty and integrity that hip-hop heads have been begging from the newest generation of artists.

You can really get to know Willis by reading his exclusive interview with SoulCulture Blog.

When I met with Willis for the interview, he warned me about a huge upcoming project.  Supposedly this was something I did not want to miss.

I later learned that this “epic new project” was in fact a mini-movie providing visuals for Stories of Old, a new track that will be a part of a later released (and supposedly secret) full project.

According to Willis’ Twitter the Stories of Old mini-movie stars Willis’ cousin Sam Anderson and friend/fellow rapper Paper Cleveland.  Sam provided a quick cameo in our interview with Willis, as did Paper Cleveland when Willis mentions up-and-coming Indianapolis artists that he admires.

Processed with VSCO with nc preset
Willis & Sam Anderson

If you’re still doubting the credibility of Stories of Old, it’s important to mention Sam Anderson’s incredible acting talents – including a future major feature role that I’m technically not allowed to mention yet (yeah, he’s that cool).

Watch the trailer and stay tuned for the actual release!

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