A Quality Pregame Long Sleeve Tee

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend A Quality Pregame

In preparation for the third season of Pregame Podcast, the guys behind the microphone have collaborated with Quality Indy for a merchandise line.

The long-sleeved tee, hooded sweatshirt and other surprises are available for purchase at a pop-up event taking place this weekend. Besides being the perfect play on words, A Quality Pregame is yet another pop-up hosted by streetwear boutique Quality Indy. So far, the storefront has served as the perfect location for local brands to showcase their collections to the Indianapolis public.

A Quality Pregame Long Sleeve Tee

We know what you’re thinking – should I really sacrifice a full three hours of my Netflix & Chill time to visit the Pregame guys in person? The answer is a resounding yes. Here’s 5 reasons why, thanks to Pregame’s DJ Lloyd Willin’.

1. Pregame Podcast is the first and only non-fashion brand that has connected with Quality Indy for a pop-up event.

“I’ve always supported what Quality is doing, so it’s only right that we collaborated with them for the pop-up. They’re sort of known for showcasing some of the best local brands, from Mike G. to Naptown Thrift – it’s all love. I think we’re the first brand that’s connected with Quality that isn’t a fashion brand. You can quote me on that!”

A Quality Pregame Hoodie

2. There will be surprises.

“This isn’t just a pop-up hosted by Quality, we actually collaborated with them on the merchandise. We tossed ideas back and forth and then Quality helped with the final design and execution. It was a real collaborative process. We’ll have the obvious merch items, but also some surprises. You’ll have to come through to see what all we have. I can’t give everything away just yet!”

[For the record, I successfully guessed the surprise item… it’s worth the visit. Thus, reason #2.]

3. The collaborative merchandise will only be available in-person. It won’t be released online, so if you miss the pop-up you miss the chance to rock the merch.

“If you want to show your support for the Pregame Podcast by rocking the merch, you have to come to A Quality Pregame. This is a true pop-up and just like any pop-up, the releases are exclusive to the event.”

A Quality Pregame Long Sleeve Front

4. It’s not just about the clothes. Event goers will have the opportunity to pitch their craft to the Pregame guys for an on-site interview.

“I’m excited about A Quality Pregame because it’s not just about the merchandise. This will be unique because we’ll be there recording, and we’ll give those that attend the opportunity to join in and share what they’ve got going on. If you’re a musician or artist, you can come through and pitch your music or share your craft and we may just bring you onto the show.”

5. They’re just plain funny.

DJ Lloyd Willin’ failed to mention the best reason of all – the guys behind the Pregame. If you’re a regular listener, you’re already aware of their humor and ridiculousness. If you’re not, take my word for it! By attending A Quality Pregame, you have the opportunity to witness the hot takes, hilarity, and plain creativity in person.

Stop by A Quality Pregame this Saturday, November 3rd from 7-10pm ET and purchase a piece of the Season 3 merch.

A Quality Pregame Promo











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