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The Pregame Podcast Is Taking Over Naptown

If you’re unfamiliar with the Pregame Podcast, stop what you’re doing and read Soul Culture’s feature interview. Once you’re impressed, return to this article to learn how you can take part in their world takeover.

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Okay, we’re not tackling the world yet… Next weekend, the team is taking over the city of Indianapolis in celebration of the podcast’s 150th episode! This means two opportunities to meet the folks behind the hilariously authentic weekly shows.

event flyer for the Pregame's Indy Takeover

The first event, on Saturday, April 13th, is a Live Show at Meridian Park Event Center. As the very first live show for the podcast members, this is a great time to see how their team dynamic works in real-time.

It’s a lot of work behind the scenes to make the show go on. We usually have two or three extra people sitting behind each episode, doing things that we can’t do while recording. A lot of fact checking or voting on who’s the funniest in each episode. At the live show, our listeners will be able to engage in those activities first-hand.

DJ Lloyd Willin’

Don’t get it twisted, the live show will be a party. DJ DNasty will be spinning a 45-minute set, We’re Popp’in is providing the snacks and there’s a full cash bar.

The guys are topping off the weekend with a Day Party at Lava Lounge on Sunday.

At the very least, come out to support a group of Midwest natives who are creatively pursuing their passions to entertain.

We’re trying to take over the city of Indianapolis for a whole weekend in April. I’m very excited about this because we’re trying to increase engagement as much as possible. Our listeners are a vital part of the success of our podcast, so we want to include them as much as possible in the celebration.

I know what you’re still thinking… The Pregame Podcast has recently killed the merch game. Will original works be available? Yes! There will be new merchandise available at The Takeover, including t-shirts and hats.

If you’re unable to attend the event, stay tuned for more exciting Pregame projects – a bit under wraps, but they pay homage to other businesses and creative ventures around the city of Indianapolis. Bless the bottle!

Purchase Tickets Now.

Featured image is listener-submitted artwork created by Simeon Haley.

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