a suitcase laying open with a rick james tee on top

Your Ultimate Guide to Packing for a Weekend Away

I’m a chronic over-packer, but somehow I’ve mastered the art of the weekend trip. You can do it, too! Here’s what I bring on every quick getaway.

Personal Item – TUMI Backpack

The TUMI Carson Backpack perfectly packs personal items – it’s lightweight with tons of pockets and one of those handy sleeves to slide on top of your roller suitcase. Throw these items in your backpack:

  • A smaller purse or bag that you can carry once at your destination.
  • Sunglasses to hide your hangover on the way home.
  • CBD oil if you’re like me and still get anxious at takeoff.
  • Jewelry that matches the weekend’s outfits. For music festivals, I always bring my rose gold grill.
  • Cameras to capture the good times. On my recent adventures, I’ve been bringing an old school Kodak polaroid. Don’t get me wrong – I still bring along my digital camera, but the Kodak forces me to quickly capture the photo and move on. No deleting and re-taking with this one!
  • A journal and pen for self-reflection on the plane, at your destination, everywhere.
  • A good book for downtime. I’m currently reading The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom.
  • Festival tickets!

Carry-On – Calpak Luggage

For my carry-on, I use the smallest suitcase in the Calpak 2-Piece Luggage Set. This set is as sturdy as you can get! Believe me, I’ve put this luggage through everything… Here’s how to pack your carry-on luggage:

  • Lay pants flat at the bottom of the suitcase. I usually pack a pair of jeans, chinos and a pair of sweats. This step is much easier and lighter when traveling to warmer climates.
  • Roll tops and lay them on top of the pants. My go-to’s are usually graphic tees, graphic tees and more graphic tees. These are usually from Naptown Thrift. I also pack one or two dress-up shirts in case a nice dinner or night out is involved.
  • Once shirts are packed, fold pants legs on top of the shirts.
  • Fold any jackets or bulkier layers and place them on top of the folded pants.

Tune into my vlogging series big world LITTLE BRIA, where I share adventures interviewing my favorite Midwest creatives and experiencing the world. Check out my vlog sharing the weekend experience in San Francisco and Napa Valley for the BottleRock Music Festival, featuring my favorite artist Pharrell Williams!

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