Naptown Thrift and Quality Indy Pop-Up Marquee

A Match in Vintage Streetwear Heaven: Naptown Thrift Pop-Up at Quality Indy

Double A and Bria from Soul Culture pose for photo
Double A and Bria from Soul Culture at the Naptown Thrift Pop-Up

Indianapolis-based vintage shop has set up shop at Mass Ave’s streetwear emporium, Quality Indy. Quality Indy is the only of its kind in the heart of downtown Indianapolis and consistently supports local acts and creatives with pop-ups and events.

Pleasures tee offered at Quality Indy
Photo courtesy of Bria from Soul Culture.

Naptown Thrift is no different. Owned and managed by Indianapolis native and musician, Double A, the thrift shop is housed throughout three storage units with a healthy collection of vintage threads, kicks, and knick-knacks. Also home to Soul Culture’s very own Naptown Thrift Freestyles – a video series showcasing some of the best spitters rising throughout the city.

This collection of photos illustrates the communal support for Naptown Thrift and Quality Indy, along with the strong but tight-knit group of creatives who continue to make a name for the city’s inhabitants. All credits go to photographer and graphic designer, Just Design Co. and contemporary photographer, Fivth.


vintage threads at Quality Indy
Photo courtesy of @fi.vth


vintage hats at naptown thrift pop-up
Photo courtesy of Just Design
@PitchForPennies at the pop-up
@PitchForPennies at the pop-up (courtesy of Just Design)
Quality Storefront
Photo courtesy of Just Design

The pop-up is open for the rest of March – pay the guys a visit at 879 Mass Ave in Indianapolis.



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